Draft minutes of Full Council meeting 22 May 2018


St. Mary Bourne Parish Council



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 22 May 2018 in the Club Room, Village Hall at 7:30pm


Present: The Chair, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Katie Dixon, Tony Grunsell, Gwen Randall, Tony Styles and the clerk Jo Exelby.


Members of the Public in attendance:  None


1.    Apologies for absence:  Cllr Carole Whitlock, BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer and HCC Cllr Tom Thacker.


2.    Declarations of interest:  None


3.    The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 10 April 2018


3.1.      Having been previously circulated, Cllr Grunsell proposed that they were a true record and should be signed.  The proposal was seconded by Cllr Styles and unanimously agreed by the council.


3.2.      Status of the actions agreed at the meeting


There was a discussion of the actions agreed and the following points were made:


·         The clerk will follow up with Cllr Falconer as to whether any S106 funds have been allocated to the parish from the proposed development at Hurstbourne Station.

·         The clerk reported that our insurers have advised that the claim for damage to a vehicle by the cricket sight screen should be settled.  It was agreed that the clerk will notify the Cricket Club that the £250 excess will be deducted from their grant.

·         The clerk reported that she had investigated the HR Consultancy Service supplied by HALC and that it comprised telephone and email employment and HR support.  It was decided that this was not needed at present.


Cllr Dixon asked whether the issue of ownership of Spring Hill Ford had been determined.  The clerk reported that Hampshire Highways have not responded to confirm that they own it.  She noted that according to Land Registry records the land appears to be unregistered and so is probably still owned by The Portsmouth Estate.


Cllr Dixon asked about the reinstatement of the native hedge along the Finkley Road in front of Bells Meadow.  The clerk advised that BDBC Enforcement Team have notified her that the plans were amended following the grant of planning permission after representation from Hampshire Highways and that the planting has been carried out in accordance with the approved plans.  These plans have not been uploaded to the Public Access system, but consist of a line of Salix repens and other mixed planting of wildflower and shrubs.  The enforcement case is therefore closed.


6.1       Binley Farm development – update from Mark Cherrington


Mark Maclay and Alexa Conder of Cherrington Planning arrived at the meeting and the Chair agreed to move forward agenda item 6.1.


Alexa Conder reported that they had held a meeting at the site with BDBC Principal Housing Enabling Officer, Tim Davis on 18 May about possible mechanisms to manage the 3 proposed affordable housing units under a Section 106 agreement.  He told them that BDBC would want them to either become, or partner with, a Registered Provider.  Mark has decided that becoming a Registered Provider would be too onerous and so they are looking at possible Registered Providers.  They have a meeting on 29 May with Winchester Housing Trust, who are a specialist in small rural schemes.  Alexa will report back to the Chair following the meeting.


The possibility was discussed of operating a unilateral agreement as an alternative to a Section 106 agreement.  It was agreed that the Chair will write to Tim Davis informing him that the Parish Council are willing to enter a partnership to be involved in the management of the units.


Mark and Alexa then left the meeting and the agenda order resumed.


4.    County & Borough Councillor Reports


4.1.      Borough Councillor’s Report


Cllr Falconer reported by email that:


·         He has not yet had an update from Planning regarding the marketability clause in the Neighbourhood Plan which potentially makes development of farm sites difficult.

·         He is awating an update on the recent High Court judgement, the Braintree Case, which redefined “isolation” and “sustainability” in the National Planning Policy Framework.  This will impact Neighbourhood Plans and BDBC’s Local Plan.

·         He has visited Binley Farm (18/00261/FUL) at the request of BDBC’s Principal Housing Enabling Officer, as he was there to discuss the issues around affordable housing.  This was discussed above.


4.2.      County Councillor’s Report:  None


5.    Governance


5.1.  Update on GDPR


The clerk gave an update on the requirements of GDPR and it was agreed that this will be taken forward at the next Finance Committee meeting.


5.2.  Parish council domain name & website


It was agreed that the parish council should develop a new website.  The clerk reported that we will also need to find a new provider to register our gov.uk domain name at the renewal in July.  The Chair and clerk are looking into a number of website providers.  Cllr Dixon recommended that they look at the Longparish website.


5.3.  HCC Parish & Town Council Event — feeback from meeting 16 May


The clerk reported that she had attended this meeting, which had focused on:

·         Supporting older and vulnerable members of our communities;

·         Rights of Way and the Community Engagement Ranger programme.


5.4.  HALC monthly e-update — May 2018:  Noted


5.5.  BDBC Annual Parish & Town Council Conference (not on agenda):  This will be held on 14 June.


5.6.  BDAPTC (not on the agenda):  The next meeting will be held on 14 June.


6.    Planning


6.1.      Binley Farm development – update from Mark Cherrington


This was discussed before agenda item 4.


6.2.      Planning Applications for consultation at the meeting


18/01202/HSE      Middle Wyke House, Middle Wyke, SP11 6AJ — Erection of replacement pool house


Resolution:          No objection


18/01204/FUL       Middle Wyke House, Middle Wyke, SP11 6AJ — Erection of new tractor shed with loose boxes


Resolution:          No objection



18/01371/HSE      The Forge, SMB — Demolition of outbuildings & single storey structure to South East elevation.  Erection of part two storey, part single storey extension to South East elevation with single storey link to the main property.  Erection of garage.  Various internal alterations and replacement of existing windows with new flush casement timber windows.


The clerk read out a letter of objection that had been received from residents of Blacksmiths and this was discussed.


Resolution:          No objection, although a comment will be made as to the resident’s concerns around the issue of overlooking


18/01372/LBC      The Forge, SMB — Demolition of outbuildings & single storey structure to South East elevation.  Erection of part two storey, part single storey extension to South East elevation with single storey link to the main property.  Erection of garage.  Various internal alterations and replacement of existing windows with new flush casement timber windows.


Resolution:          No objection


6.3.      Trees — Notice of Intent:  None


6.4.      Advice of Planning Applications decided by BDBC


17/04017/LDEU    Elm Farm, Binley Bottom, Binley, SP11 6ER — Certificate of lawfulness for the continued use of garage as annexe accommodation to the main residence.


Granted on 23/4/18


17/04227/LBC      Flowerpot Cottage, Church Street, SMB, SP11 6BL — Replacement of French doors to rear elevation.


Granted on 23/4/18


17/04228/LBC      Flowerpot Cottage, Church Street, SMB, SP11 6BL — Alterations to internal kitchen wall and (retention of unauthorized) re-opening of internal doorway.


Granted on 23/4/18


18/00707/HSE      Green Bank, Upper Link, SMB, SP11 6BT — Removal of timber feature and replacement glazing to the front elevation.


Granted on 23/4/18


17/04216/HSE      Overbourne House, Red Lane, Binley, SP11 6EU — Erection of pool room, home office, plant/storage room and machinery shed building.


Granted on 25/4/18


18/00568/HSE      Ringlands, Stoke Road, SMB, SP11 6EF — Erection of two storey front infill extension and two storey rear extension.


Granted on 25/4/18


18/00784/FUL       Methodist Chapel, Stoke Road, SMB, SP11 6EL — Conversion of Methodist Chapel to one dwelling with extensions and renovation work.


Granted on 17/5/18


6.5.      Planning applications withdrawn to be noted


17/03439/FUL & 17/03440/LBC

Derrydown Farm, Derry Down, SMB, SP11 6BS — Restoration of barn and conversion to dwelling and erection of granary to store wood pellet hopper.


18/00260/HSE & 18/00392/LBC

Little Thatch, Church Street, SMB, SP11 6BL — Erection of single storey rear extension with flat roof to extend into existing pitch roof.


6.6.      Planning appeals:  None


6.7.      Compliance issues


The reinstatement of the native hedge along Finkley Road was discussed above under 3.2.


6.8.      Other parish councils’ planning matters:  None


7.    Finance


7.1.  Batsford — Local Infrastructure Grant (LIF) application


The chair reported that he is currently applying to BDBC for LIF monies to help with this project and the deadline for applications is 15 June. Councillors again expressed their support for this project and agreed that it should be carried out as soon as possible as the traffic congestion in the area is getting worse and, together with the school, we should be doing all we can to provide a safer environment for the children during these busy periods of vehicular activity. 

7.2.       Monthly accounts — April 2018



Received from/paid to


Treasurers account

Business Bank Instant a/c

Fixed term deposit

Petty cash


Ringfenced funds included in Business Bank Instant account









Lengthsman scheme

Flood prevention









Note 1

Note 2

Opening balance at 31/3/18









Transfer agreed at Full Council 10/4/18






































SSE — Wayleave










Lloyds — interest










Inv 18/02 — SMB Model Yacht Club










Inv 18/01 — SMB Fishing Syndicate










BDBC — Precept & grants





























Agreed at Full Council 13/3/18










Lee Cogan — pitch hire










Post Office — stamp










Agreed at Full Council 10/4/18 (previously reported in minutes)










Agreed at Planning Committee 17/4/18










SMB Village Shop — cards










BT — direct debit



















Available funds at 30/4/18



















Add:  unpresented payments









Closing bank at bank & in hand at 30/4/18



















Note 1:  Lengthsman grants from HCC held on behalf of 13 associate parish and town councils.

Note 2:  Grant money from HCC (in 2017), Southern Water, Vitacress (2016 and 2017) and Southern Electricity that has been supplied for flood prevention work on The Bourne.


Payments made before the meeting:








April direct debit













Payments agreed at the meeting:







Jo Exelby



Jo Exelby



DM Payroll Services




GDPR Training


Rialtas Business Solutions

Alpha Software Maintenance



Office stationery


SMB Village Shop

Refreshments for APA



Insurance excess


SSE Southern Electric

2018/2019 Pavillion Q1


SSE Southern Electric

2018/2019 Games Area Q1


SSE Southern Electric

2018 Unmetered Supply



Insurance excess


Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance (PGGM)

SMB Grounds Maintenance – April 2018



SMB Grounds Maintenance – The Pound



Lengthsman — Overton


Toby Bunce Tree Services

Tree work on the Rec



May DD















































Provision of £1,000 is to be made for unforeseen expenses this month. It had been agreed to transfer £4,250 from the Business Bank Instant account to the Treasurers account.




The acceptance of the reconciled accounts for the month of April, the payments made and payments to be made was proposed by Cllr Dixon and seconded by Cllr Randall and unanimously agreed by the Full Council.




7.3.   Clerk pay rates




The clerk advised that the National Joint Council for Local Government Services has reached agreement on pay scales for 2018-2019.  The hourly rate for SCP 21 from 1 April will be £10.676, and increase of 2%.  It was agreed that the new rates should be applied with effect from 1 April.


















8.    Flood & Emergency Group




8.1.      Groundwater level statistics




Groundwater level statistics and commentary are provided by Sarah Cooney and Clem Jones.




Rolling 6-monthly figures





Level at the start of


May 18

Apr 18

Mar 18

Feb 18

Jan 18

Dec 17

Vernham Dean Bore1







Valley Farm Well, Stoke1







Holdway Cottages Gauge, SMB







Holdway Cottages Spring, SMB







Summerhaugh Well, SMB1










Note 1 The measurements are from the surface down to the water level.  Since the Bourne Rivulet was regraded in Stoke, the level at which the springs break through in Valley Farm’s field is ~160cm below where we used to see it.




By the middle of April, the river had a sudden increase of about 8cms.  Checking upstream the springs were then active as far as the Ibthorpe pumping station and at least some of the springs by the White House in Ibthorpe were active.




During the month the Summerhaugh Well rose as high as 62 cm from the floor, but has now fallen back to 64 cm.  This fluctuation is probably just rain run off since the ground was saturated.




There is now running river from just below Upton, well above Ibthorpe so there are still springs rising further up the valley.




As of 1 May, the rate of rise continues to slow.







Year on year comparison as at the start of May









Vernham Dean Bore




No data

Valley Farm Well, Stoke





Summerhaugh Well, SMB




No data




^2015 – the level was falling and the river was flowing.


*2016 - the level was rising and the river was flowing.


† 2017 - the level was rising and the river was flowing.




9.    Footpaths




9.1.      Upgrading path from BVI




The Chair reported that he has asked Emma Broadbent of HCC Countryside Access to write to the land owners asking for permission to upgrade the path surface.




9.2.  Footpath 29 from Spring Hill (not on the agenda)




Cllr Styles reported that he had found some embedded barbed wire on the footpath.  The Chair will go and remove.




10.  Highways & Transport




10.1.   The Pound




The clerk reported that she has received one quote for renovation of The Pound and is awaiting another.  She noted that the land is not registered to the Parish Council.




Cllr Randall suggested that the council should erect a plaque explaining what The Pound is.  It was agreed that the clerk will investigate grants for historical structures that would cover the cost of a plaque and possibly the renovation work.




10.2.   Community Funded Initiative (not on the agenda)




Cllr Dixon reported that the Highways & Services Group had a meeting scheduled on 23 May with HCC to discuss the proposals.




There was a discussion about the purchase of SLRs.  Cllr Grunsell volunteered to take responsibility for the management of any devices.  It was agreed that the clerk will talk to the chair of HBP parish council about their SLR and will investigate the possibility of selling the council’s SID.





11.  Recreation Ground and Lake




11.1.   Weekly Play Areas inspections report




The clerk noted that the swings at Stoke remain the only high risk item in the inspection report.  She will contact HPFA for a list of suppliers to replace the swing and then apply for a grant.




11.2.   Black Garden - update




The clerk reported that she has spoken to the agent who expects the council to have received details by June’s council meeting.  Cllr Dixon asked the clerk to double check what part of the land is registered as an Asset of Community Value with BDBC.




Cllr Dixon asked that the council consider calling an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting to present the proposals to parishioners if it was decided to bid for some of the land.




11.3.   Insurance – claim received for damage to car following incident on 6 June 2017




This was discussed at 3.2 above.




11.4.   Request to use Recreation Ground for fitness sessions




The use of the Recreation Ground was discussed and councilors agreed that, in general, parishioners should be able to use the Recreation Ground without charge where it did not require any additional maintenance or other financial burden on the council.  It was also agreed that the Rec & Lake Committee should develop policies regarding the use of the Recreation Ground by parishioners and by non-parishioners at their next meeting.




It was agreed that the parishioner would not be charged for holding fitness sessions on the Rec, but that it be suggested that she could make a voluntary donation.




11.5.   Stow Sports – request to use Recreation Ground summer half term








11.6.   Arms St Mary Bourne Football Club (not on the agenda)




The chair reported that he had received a request from the club to use the Recreation Ground again next season and it was agreed that they could.




12.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated




12.1.   Hampshire Constabulary —  Monthly update for April 2018:  Noted




12.2.   Rural Services Network — Rural Opportunities Bulletin May 2018:  Noted




There being no other business the meeting closed at 9:15 pm.


These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 12 June 2018.


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