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Clerk and councillors

The parish clerk is Ben Sawyer

Please contact the clerk by email if possible 


Members of St Mary Bourne Parish Council

Name Email Phone Responsibilities

Cllr Bridget Culley

01264 738214

Finance committee, Flood & Emergency group, Recreation Ground committee, Lake committee, Highways & Services group

Cllr Oliver Madge

Finance committee, Lake committee

Cllr Kevin Noble

Planning committee, Footpaths officer

Cllr David Peart

01264 738365

Chair of the parish council, Planning committee (Chair), Finance committee (Chair), Flood & Emergency group (Chair), Highways & Services group (Chair), Recreation Ground committee (Chair), Lake committee (Chair)

Cllr Gwen Randall

01264 738727

Planning committee, Recreation Ground committee, Lake committee

Each member's register of interests can be found at the following link

Other representatives on St Mary Bourne Parish Council

Name Responsibility

Sarah Cooney

Member of Flood & Emergency group  

Caroline Hoyes

Footpath officer and Member of Lake Committee

Clem Jones

Member of Flood & Emergency group, advisor to the Parish Council on Superfast Broadband

To Be Advised

Parish tree warden

Alex Martin

Member of Lake Committee

Laura Davis 

Member of the Recreation Ground Committee

Amelda de Segundo

Member of the Recreation Ground Committee

Councillors for Burghclere, Highclere & St Mary Bourne Ward of Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council

Name Email Phone

Cllr Graham Falconer

01635 253144

07768 747556

Cllr John Izett

01635 254400

Cllr Samuel Carr


07474 273573

Councillor for Whitchurch & The Cleres Division of Hampshire County Council

Name Email Phone

Cllr Tom Thacker

07712 695468

Member of Parliament for North West Hampshire

Name Email Phone

Kit Malthouse, MP

020 7219 5605