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St Mary Bourne Village Shop

For more information -

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday  8am - 6pm

Saturday 9am - 4pm

Sunday   9am - 3pm

Telephone:  01264 738337

The Village Shop was opened on Monday 3 September 2001, with the help of huge support from the parish and local people.

17 years later the shop is still going strong.   It is open seven days a week and offers services of the Post Office and Dry Cleaning.   It has a delivery of fresh fruit and veg three times a week and stocks an extensive range of groceries; beer, wine and spirits; chilled and frozen food; fresh bread and freshly baked cakes, as well as food to go, soft drinks, ice creams, teas and freshly ground coffee.

It is staffed by four members of the village and has a happy band of volunteers to ensure smooth running of the shop.

Come and see us…. you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

The Village Shop is operated by St Mary Bourne Village Shop Community Interest Company.