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Ground water information & flooding

The Flood & Emergency Group of the parish council monitors groundwater information at various points through the parish and the published data from the borehole at Vernham Dean.

Please contact the parish office if you have any questions or concerns about the situation.  The parish council does have a small stock of sandbags available to help protect vulnerable residents in the most vulnerable homes if the situation worsens, and can get more from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council if widespread problems develop.  You should read through the guidance below on what practical actions you can take to prepare if your home is at risk of ground water flooding.


The latest information from the Environment Agency on groundwater can be found here

You can sign up for flood alerts here

The latest data for the ground water levels at the Holdway Cottages gauge can be found here.  This is the site the Environment Agency use as the trigger point for the deployment of their Temporary Defence Deployment Plan (which you can see below)

Here is another useful site presenting the ground water levels at the Holdway Cottages with additional historic data and narrative

The latest data for the ground water levels at Vernham Dean can be found here