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Standing Order & Financial Regulations

Standing Orders describe and regulate how the Parish Council conducts business. They deal with things such as the quorum needed for a meeting, the order of business, how resolutions are moved, what the rules of debate are at meetings, how confidential business is dealt with and how Standing Orders can be suspended, revoked or amended. 

Financial Regulations regulate how taxpayers money is spent by the Parish Council. The Financial Regulations are intended to ensure that the Parish Council's financial management is adequate and effective and that there is a sound system of internal control which facilitates the effective exercise of the Parish Council's functions, including arrangements for the management of risk.  They cover things such as annual budgets, banking arrangements, the authorisation of payments, order for works, the awarding of contracts and the management of assets and risk.

Both are wide ranging documents that are kept under review, and formally reviewed and adopted by the Parish Council each year at the Annual Parish Council Meeting. Some of the content of both documents are laid down by legislation and can't be amended by the Parish Council.