Notice & Agenda of Full Council meeting 14 August 2018


 St. Mary Bourne Parish Council

Notice of Meeting

The St Mary Bourne Parish Council will meet on

Tuesday 14 August 2018 at 7:30pm

in the Club Room, Village Centre 


Introduction led by the chair 

Time allowed for public speaking 

1.     Apologies for absence

2.     Declarations of Acceptance of Office

3.     Declarations of interests

3.1.       Dispensations requested

3.2.       Declarations of interest

4.     Minutes of Full Council meeting held on Tuesday 10 July 2018 (previously circulated)

4.1.  Approve the minutes

4.2.  Review status of actions agreed at the meeting

5.     Borough & County Councillor Reports

6.     Governance

6.1.       Meetings invitations

6.1.1.    NALC Spring Conference — 11/2/19 in London

6.2.       Local government finance settlement 2019/20 — council tax referendum principles consultation — deadline 18 September

6.3.       Boundary Commission — consultation on BDBC ward boundaries — deadline 15 October

6.4.       HALC monthly e-update — July 2018

7.     Planning

7.1.       Receive report of Planning Committee meeting 24/7/18

7.2.       Supplementary Planning Document — Consultation on new SPD relating to Landscape, Biodiversity & Trees — deadline 17/9/18

7.3.       Supplementary Planning Documents — Adoption of SPDs on Design & Sustainability, Housing and Parking

7.4.       Planning applications for consultation at meeting

7.4.1.        18/01975/HSE — 3 South View Terrace, Lower Link, SMB, SP11 6BZ — Erection of single storey rear extension, conversion of loft to living accommodation with installation of roof lights and erection of a new outbuilding/store within rear garden.

7.4.2.        18/02105/HSE — Middle Wyke House, Finkley Road, Middle Wyke, SP11 6AJ — Alteration of existing dormer window and construction of new dormer window to rear elevation.

7.4.3.        18/02117/HSE — 9 Gangbridge Lane, SMB, SP11 6EP — Erection of two storey side and single storey rear extension following demolition of existing side extension.  Erection of single storey front extension following demolition of front porch.  Alterations to driveway.

7.4.4.        18/02060/FUL — Highfield Farm, Binley Bottom, Binley — Erection of one 6-bed dwelling with garage, swimming pool, landscaping and new access following demolition of some existing buildings.

7.4.5.        18/01573/FUL — Frenches Farm, Little London, Andover, SP11 6JG — Change of use of land to equestrian and creation of a riding arena with a 1.37m high fence — AMENDED PLANS RECEIVED

7.5.       Tree notices of intent for consultation at meeting

7.5.1.        T/00274/18/TCA        Queens Cottages, Stoke Road, SMB, SP11 6EG — T1 Ash:  Cut back branches overhanging footpath and neighbouring property.  Tip reduce on that side of crown by 0.3m leaving tree with a 4m wide crown at that point.

7.6.       Compliance issues (if any)

8.     Finance

8.1.      To receive report of the Finance Committee meeting 10/7/18

8.2.      Approve monthly accounts for July 2018

8.3.      Review and approve payments to be made in August 2018 

9.     Flood & Emergency Group

9.1.       Receive notes of meeting with Heb Leman, Environment Agency on 27 July 2018

10.  Footpaths

10.1.    Consider issue raised by footpath officer re Wakes Wood — junction of FP17/BOAT47

10.2.    Receive update on Rope Yarn Lane

10.3.    Consider rights of way tasks for the lengthsman during Autumn & Winter

11.  Highways & transport

11.1.    National Highways & Transport Public Satisfaction Survey

11.2.    Consider highways tasks for the lengthsman during Autumn & Winter

12.  Recreation Ground and Lake

12.1.    Consider the sale of land at Black Garden

12.2.    Receive update on weekly play areas inspections

12.3.    Consider vehicle parked on hardstanding

13.  Other business

13.1.    Receive update on meeting with Sam Collins, Hyde Housing on 25 July 2018 re maintenance at Bells Meadow and obstruction onto FP37

13.2.    Receive superfast broadband update

14.  Items of Correspondence circulated

14.1.    Hampshire Constabulary — Monthly update for July 2018

14.2.    Rural Services Network — Rural Opportunities Bulletin August 2018

The Public and Press are welcome to attend this meeting. 

The dates of the next meetings:

Planning Committee meeting — Tuesday 28 August 2018, 6:30pm in the Club room.

Full Council meeting — Tuesday 11 September 2018, 7:30pm in the Club room.

Jo Exelby – Date 9 August 2018

Clerk, St. Mary Bourne Parish Council

Normal hours of opening for Parish Office:  Monday - Thursday 9:30am-12.30pm; Friday 9:30-11:30am

Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Telephone:  01264 738039

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