Draft minutes of Full Council meeting 10 April 2018


St. Mary Bourne Parish Council



Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 10 April 2018 in the Club Room, Village Hall at 7:30pm


Present: The Chair, Cllr David Peart and Cllrs Bridget Culley, Tony Grunsell, Ray Randall, Tony Styles and Hugo Wurzer, BDBC Cllr Graham Falconer and the clerk Jo Exelby.


Members of the Public in attendance:  One


Time for Public Speaking:  Clem Jones attended and gave a brief update on the status of the broadband upgrade, which is delayed due to an obstruction in the duct between Stoke and Hurstbourne Tarrant.  This is preventing installation of the main fibre spine.  Work to clear this is expected in the next couple of weeks and will involve road closure or traffic lights.  He also asked for advice on measures to prevent delivery van drivers parking on the grass outside Summerhaugh.  It was suggested that he install two planters, matching those outside The George, although smaller.  The clerk will find out the supplier and advise.


1.    Apologies for absence:  Cllrs Katie Dixon, Phil Jeffery and Carole Whitlock, HCC Cllr Tom Thacker


2.    Declarations of interest: None


3.    The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 13 March 2018


3.1.      Having been previously circulated, Cllr Grunsell proposed that they were a true record and should be signed.  The proposal was seconded by Cllr Wurzer and unanimously agreed by the council.


3.2.      Status of the actions agreed at the meeting


There was a discussion of the actions agreed and the following points were made:


·         S106 allocation from Hurstbourne Station development.  Cllr Falconer is still investigating whether SMB has received an allocation.


4.    County & Borough Councillor Reports


4.1.      Borough Councillor’s Report


Cllr Falconer gave the following report:


The SMB Neighbourhood Plan was made at the BDBC Full Council meeting on 22 March.  Cllr Falconer reported that he considered that there may be a problem with the way planning officers were interpreting the Neighbourhood Plan:  Policy P1 refers to Redundant Agricultural Buildings and Cllr Falconer expressed concern that officers are interpreting this policy so that new developments have to stick to the building outline, whereas he feels that it refers to redundant sites which extend beyond a particular building.  The policy also requires that buildings have been on the market for 9 months, which precludes landowners developing their own sites.  Cllr Falconer suggested that the Parish Council consider whether the policy really reflects what was intended and, if not, consider making an amendment.


Cllr Falconer then left the meeting.


4.2.      County Councillor’s Report:  None


5.    Governance


5.1.  Annual Parish Assembly — update


The chair confirmed that Maggie Shelton from Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust would be coming to give a presentation on the Watercress & Winterbournes project.


5.2.  HALC monthly e-update — April 2018:  Noted


5.3.  HCC Parish & Town Council Event — rescheduled to 16 May:  Noted


5.4.  BDBC Parish Liaison — feedback from meeting 9 April

5.5.  BDAPTC — feedback from meeting 26 March


The clerk reported that she had attended both meetings which had similar agendas.  She noted that compliance with the new GDPR regulations would be a significant issue for the PC and that she would be attending a training event on 19 April.


5.6.  Elections (not on the agenda)


The chair reported that there were 7 candidates and so there would be no election and all candidates would automatically become councillors.  He expressed disappointment that there would be no election and that there is still no representation from Stoke or the hamlets.  The PC will be able to co-opt 2 councillors, however that will be for the new council to decide.  Cllr Culley added careful consideration should be given as to who to co-opt to ensure future succession.


6.    Planning


6.1.      Planning Applications for consultation at the meeting


18/00768/FUL       1 and 2 Jubilee Villas, High Street, SMB, SP11 6BB        — Division of dwelling to one 3 bed and one 2 bed with parking to the rear.


Decision:              No objection


18/00782/FUL       Land at Derrydown, Derrydown, SMB — Demolition of Copse Cottage and restoration of site to woodland.  Erection of detached 4 bed replacement agricultural tied estate managers dwelling and associated works.


Decision:              No objection to the principle of the replacement dwelling, however the PC is unhappy with the location which they consider to be too far away from the other dwellings.  Concern was also expressed about the effect on the sightlines and possible light pollution.


17/00784/FUL       Methodist Chapel, Stoke Road, SMB, SP11 6EL — Conversion of Methodist Chapel to one dwelling with extensions and renovation work.


Decision:              No objection, although the PC has reservations about the lack of parking.


6.2.      Trees — Notice of Intent:  None


6.3.      Advice of Planning Applications considered by BDBC


18/00216/RET      L’ancresse/Meadow Lodge, SMB — Erection of timber carport and store with tiled roof.


Granted on 29/3/18


6.4.      Planning applications withdrawn to be noted


18/00216/RET      L’ancresse/Meadow Lodge, SMB — Erection of timber carport and store with tiled roof.


6.5.      Planning appeals:  None



6.6.      Compliance issues:  None



6.7.      Other parish councils’ planning matters:  None

7.     Finance


7.1.       Monthly accounts — April 2018



Received from/paid to


Treasurers account

Business Bank Instant a/c

Fixed term deposit

Petty cash


Ringfenced funds included in Business Bank Instant account









Lengthsman scheme

Flood prevention









Note 1

Note 2

Opening balance at 28/2/18









Transfer agreed at Full Council 13/3/18









Transfer agreed at Planning Committee 27/3/18





























Lloyds — bank interest










Invoice 16/17 — Ashford Hill lengthsman overspend










Invoice 17/17 — SMB Bowling Club










Lloyds — maturity of fixed term deposit maturity










Lloyds — one year fixed term deposit





























BT direct debit










Post Office — stamp










Agreed at Full Council 13/3/18 (previously reported in minutes)










Agreed at Planning Committee 27/3/18










BT direct debit



















Available funds at 28/2/18



















Add:  unpresented payments









Closing bank at bank & in hand at 28/2/18



















Note 1:  Lengthsman grants from HCC held on behalf of 13 associate parish and town councils.

Note 2:  Grant money from HCC (in 2017), Southern Water, Vitacress (2016 and 2017) and Southern Electricity that has been supplied for flood prevention work on The Bourne.


Payments agreed at the Planning Committee meeting 27/3/18:





Premier Grounds & Garden Maintenance (PGGM)

Lengthsman – Newtown



Lengthsman – Ecchinswell



Lengthsman – Hurstbourne Priors



Lengthsman – Highclere












Payments made prior to the meeting:






Monthly direct debit


Lee Cogan

Hire of alternative football pitch









Payments agreed at the meeting:





Jo Exelby



Jo Exelby



Hill & Valley

2018/19 Grant


FA Tarrant

Street cleaning Jan – Mar 2018



2018/19 Affiliation fees



2018/19 HR Consultancy Service fee



2018/19 subscription


Anet UK

AVG subscription



Office stationery


Premier Grounds and Garden Maintenance (PGGM)

SMB Grounds Maintenance – March 2018



Lengthsman — Ashford Hill



Lengthsman — Kingsclere





SMB Village Centre

Hall hire for APA






















The payment to HALC for the 2018/19 HR Consultancy Service fee was queried by Cllr Culley and there was a discussion as to whether this was required.  It was agreed that payment will be deferred while the clerk investigates what service is provided and whether it is a duplication of the service from the Payroll supplier.


Provision of £1,000 is to be made for unforeseen expenses this month. It had been agreed to transfer £3,600 from the Business Bank Instant account to the Treasurers account.


The acceptance of the reconciled accounts for the month of December, the payments made and payments to be made was proposed by Cllr Randall and seconded by Cllr Styles and unanimously agreed by the Full Council.

8.    Flood & Emergency Group




8.1.      Groundwater level statistics




Groundwater level statistics and commentary are provided by Sarah Cooney and Clem Jones.




Rolling 6-monthly figures





Level at the start of


Apr 18

Mar 18

Feb 18

Jan 18

Dec 17

Nov 17

Vernham Dean Bore1







Valley Farm Well, Stoke1







Holdway Cottages Gauge, SMB







Holdway Cottages Spring, SMB







Summerhaugh Well, SMB1










Note 1 The measurements are from the surface down to the water level


Since Bourne Rivulet was regraded in Stoke, the level at which the springs break through in Valley Farm’s field is ~160cm below where we used to see it.


The river continues to rise slowly, though the rate of rise is slowing.  On 1 April there was river as far up the valley as Upton, the big springs behind the White House in Upton are not up yet and there is no water in the fields by the pumping station.  The lake is just overflowing


At Vernham Dean bore hole the water is some 4 meters higher than last years peak and still rising




Year on year comparison as at the start of April









Vernham Dean Bore





Valley Farm Well, Stoke





Summerhaugh Well, SMB








^ 2015 - the level was falling and the river was flowing.


* 2016 - the level was rising and the river was flowing.


† 2017 - the level was rising and the springs were up.





8.3.  Bourne regrading (not on agenda)




The chair reported that the river is running beautifully and all the bridges are clear.  Some work is required to make good some of the land where silt had been spread, but it is currently too soft to access.




9.    Footpaths




Cllr Styles reported that all footpaths are currently quite clear and the new fingerposts are up.




The chair reported that the lengthsman has been asked to repaint the gates on the Test Way from Haven Hill to Bourne Hill.




10.  Highways & Transport




The Community Funded Initiative is ongoing, with a meeting arranged with Mandy Ware of HCC in May.




The clerk reported that she has received confirmation from Hampshire Highways that they are not responsible for the bridge at Derrydown.  It was agreed to keep the condition under review.




Cllr Styles noted that the ground outside The Vicarage, where work was done on the cabinet, has not been reinstated.  The clerk will contact OpenReach.




11.  Recreation Ground and Lake




11.1.   Weekly Play Areas inspections report




The clerk reported that she is currently unable to access the report system.




11.2.   Black Garden - update




The chair reported that the vicar is investigating sources of funding.




11.3.   S106 funds available – update from BDBC:  Noted




11.4.   Trim trail & table tennis table – update on quotes




The clerk reported that no quotes had been received yet.




11.5.   Insurance – claim received for damage to car following incident on 6 June 2017




The clerk reported that an insurance claim has been received following damage to a car when a sight screen fell onto it.  Cllr Randall noted that the area of hardstanding is not a car park and there is a sign warning of possible damage.  It was agreed that the clerk will send a photo of the sign to our insurers.





11.6.   Bowling Club – request for permission for vehicle access to Bells Field




Granted, if the Recreation Ground is dry.




11.7.             Home Education Network – request for use of Recreation Ground for bouncy castle with electricity from Pavilion 11 May 2018




Granted, with a charge for the electricity use.




11.8.   Tree work on Recreation Ground (not on the agenda)




The clerk reported that permission has been received for the pruning of the lime tree behind the shop.  It was agreed that she will contact the tree surgeon to book in.




It was also noted that there are a couple of trees down at the far end of the Recreation Ground and it was agreed that the clerk will ask the tree surgeon to have a look.




12.  Item of Correspondence to be circulated




12.1.   Southern Water – Consultation on Business Plan to 2025:  Noted




12.2.   Southern Water – Consultation on building a resilient Water Future:  Noted




12.3.   Hampshire Constabulary —  Monthly update for March 2018:  Noted




12.4.   Rural Services Network — Rural Opportunities Bulletin April 2018




Cllr Styles noted that this contains details of grants for play areas.  The clerk will investigate further.






There being no other business the meeting closed at 9:10 pm.


These minutes are subject to approval at the Parish Council Meeting on 22 May 2018.


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